The Roma’s right to good quality health care is a project aiming at promotion of equal access to adequate and equitable health care services for Roma and non-Roma population, through strengthening the participation of the Roma minority in advocacy and work of the local health councils. The project was implemented in several Serbian municipalities.

The conference will present the outcomes of the project in order to evaluate the need to perform continuous monitoring over the health status of the Roma population.

The event will gather representatives of local institutions, health care services, patients’ and health insurance ombudsmen, local Roma coordinators and Roma NGOs for the purpose of local health councils work advocacy, as well as of informing the public about the initiatives undertaken by institutions and NGOs with regard to this matter. Local health councils are working bodies of local governments that monitor and coordinate the work of primary health care institutions and implement measures in patients’ rights protection.

The key objective of the project is capacity building of institutions and individuals, initiating the work of local health councils through knowledge transfer and widening the access to health and legal parameters, and dialogue on possible partnerships and good practices.

The speakers will be:

– Sandra Abramovic, executive director, Centre for Minority Rights

– Marta Sjenicic, president. SUPRAM

– Jasmina Tanasic, Permanent conference of cities and municipalities

– Djurdjica Ergic, coordinator, Health care board, League of Roma

Monday, 30 June 2014, 12 pm, Media Centre