SUPRAM’s Secretary General at a meeting on deinstitutionalisation in Serbia

Secretary General of SUPRAM, Milan M. Markovic, took part in a consultative meeting on deinstitutionalisation in Serbia, organised by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy for the members of the civil society, public bodies and institutions of health and social care. Purpose of the meeting was to clarify and define conditions of the upcoming call for projects, that is going to be published by the Ministry, with the financial support of the European Union.

Markovic pointed out several burning issues:

– necessity to make the call compliant with the UN CRPD Convention

– danger that insufficiently prepared processes of deinstitutionalisation would lead to new shapes of institutional care and placement

– lack of systemic support within the current Serbian system of protection, expecially in the aspect of capacity deprivation mechanisms

– need for careful allocation of project funding to institutions

– etc.

Present at the meeting were numerous representatives of the civil society organisations, the UN Mission, the EU Mission and directors of social and health care institutions in Serbia.