Welcome to the SUPRAM website!

Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia (SUPRAM) is established as an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization aiming to improve legislative framework and implementation of medical and health law in Serbia.. This goal is realized through the scientific and empiric research of national and comparative practice, provision of policy recommendations, different project activities, education, as well as through the awareness raising among legal and medical professionals about the importance of the adequate regulationof the relationship between the health professionals and health service users and even broader – the adequate regulation of the health system in general.

The main reason for the development of medical and health law through research, projects and education is not only the development of the medico-legal consciousness, but also ensuring the availability and usability of the solutions reached in the national and international scholarship, for the lawyers and health practitioners, in order to make their daily professional activities easier. Adequate and scientifically grounded legal regulation in the medical and health area would also enable patients to experience a well organized and therefore improved and functional health system.

The challenges we are facing in Serbian context, bearing in mind insufficiently developed activities in the area of medical and related laws give us, the founders, stimulus to work devotedly on realizing the goals and tasks set before us, moving within the limits of a legal framework, but also working in the interdisciplinary surrounding.

We are looking forward to cooperating with the professionals of various profiles and with all persons interested in the medical and health law of Serbia and its development within the international framework.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Marta Sjeničić