Implemented by: Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia-SUPRAM, Belgrade and Association for mental health improvement “Mental Oasis”, Vrsac

Duration: December 2016 – December 2017

Financed: European Union

Overall objective: To contribute to respect of all human rights and freedoms and foster development of a more inclusive society based on non-discrimination and tolerance.

Specific objective:

  • Improving the accessibility of health care services that residents receive, their availability and quality.
  • Improving the position of residents that are deprived of their legal capacity or that struggle with a label of mental disability and facing social stigmatisation.
  • Building capacities of the caregivers and medical staff to more appropriately overcome the systemic challenges and more adequately preserve and protect the rights of the resident patients.
  • Combat discriminatory practices against persons with disabilities and promote human rights and inclusiveness.

Expected results:

  • Raised awareness and improved knowledge of respective caregivers and staff in residential institutions and medical professionals in healthcare institutions about the standards and rights in providing health care to residents.
  • Set of concrete recommendations applicable by the relevant instances – ministries, independent bodies and CSOs.
  • Thematic report on health care for residents of psychiatric and social care institutions in Serbia-violations, practice and shortcomings.


  1. Analysis of state of the art provisions and practices with regard to health care for persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities in residential settings and
  2. Analysis of the adopted and emerging standards regarding the treatment, position and rights of persons with disabilities, found in relevant international and regional human rights sources
  3. Focus groups in five residential institutions with medical staff, caregivers and administration of selected residential institutions in five cities in Serbia
  4. One focus group with experts and decision makers in the area of disability and human rights, health care and health law in the city of Belgrade
  5. Interviews with residents and other subjects in selected residential institutions
  6. Five one-day trainings organised for the institutional staff in the chosen residential institutions
  7. 2 round tables
  8. Final study and policy recommendations
  9. Final conference
  10. Press release and other visibility activities (submission to leading policy-oriented portals and platforms)