With the expert, organizational and financial support of Council of Europe, SUPRAM accredited continuous education for health and social care staff, in front of Serbian Health Council (for health professionals) and Chamber for Social Work (for social care professionals). Topic of the training was „Improvement of work quality in psychiatric institutions: individual treatment plans”

Training was focused onto treatment of patients in line with their individual characteristics, education of staff related to creating of individual plans, defining long-term and short-term goals in treatment, acknowledging good and bad sides of current field work, enhancing of standards for treatment in psychiatric institutions in line with international standards, with focus on CRPD, enhancing of intersectoral cooperation in the area of mental health.

Trainings were held in: hospital of Special prison hospital in Belgrade (April 2nd, 2019), Special psychiatric hospital “Sveti Vracevi” in Novi Knezevac (April 9th, 2019), Special psychiatric hospital “Kovin” in Kovin (April 10th, 2019), Psychiatric department of the General hospital “Sveti Luka” in Smederevo (April 11th, 2019) and Special psychiatric hospital “Dr Slavoljub Bakalovic” in Vrsac (May 7th, 2019).

Trainings were provided to: 172 health professionals and to 36 social professionals, psychologists and defectologists (Smederevo – 22 health professionals and 2 social workers; Kovin – 39 health professionals and 8 social professionals, psychologists and defectologists); Belgrade – 41 health professionals and 14 social professionals defectologists and psychologists, working therapists; Vrsac – 42 health professionals and 5 social workers and psychologists, working therapists; and Novi Knezevac – 28 health professionals and 5 social workers). Most of the participants are employed in the psychiatric institutions, but a number of them from the other institutions of the related local municipalities also attended the trainings (from local Centers for social work and Social residential institutions).

Trainers are psychiatrists: dr Tatjana Voskresenski,  dr Dusica Kirilov (from Special Psychiatric Hospital “Dr Slavoljub Bakalovic” in Vrsac), and lawyers: Ms Silvija Panovic Djuric (Council of Europe) and dr Marta Sjenicic (Institute of Social Sciences, SUPRAM). Lecturers gave an overview of international standards of treatment of people with mental disabilities and relevant international documents supporting inclusive access to the mental health issues.

With the support of Council of Europe, experts from SPB Vrsac created the individual treatment plan that should to be introduced into the practice of health and social care staff in psychiatric institutions/departments throughout Serbia. Patient and the health personnel directly related to implementation of the plan and treatment of patient have the insight into plan.